Tuesday, July 07, 2009



I guess this is what a week of going back to my "normal" way of eating plus pizza and two pieces of chocolate cake with ice cream for dinner will do to the scale.

Oh, and thanks for the support on my last post. I'm being sarcastic, actually, 'cause no one even commented. Guess no one is reading anymore. . . . or if they are, they have nothing to say about my dog drama. (When I told MM that I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore, his response was "why would they? You're not Carrie Bradshaw. You are a boring married woman now." Nice.)

I am too tired, busy, stressed and in pain to really care about the scale at the moment.


JessiferSeabs said...

Oh, oops. :-)

I'm sorry about the scale, and I'm sorry I didn't comment yesterday. I read through a reader, which makes commenting more difficult, and I try to go back and comment but I lost track of time yesterday.

But I am REALLY sorry about the dog drama. Seems to be a lot of that in the blogosphere right now. Goldens are such mild mannered doggies that something must be really bugging them to make them act so "off."

Hang in there.
(I've eatena lot of pizza today too, and haven't braved the scale, so you're a step ahead of me!)


Flying Monkeys said...

What is this sarcasm?
I'm sorry, I'm not at home so my abilities are limited and I'm over my head in dramas of my own. I'll read about the dog drama when I get home and comment then.
I'm glad my dad's scale is broken, I can tell my the way my pants fit it's not going to be pretty. At.All.

Kristi Marie said...

Sharon - I'm sorry to hear about Hunter. I do care about what is going on, and I know it can't be easy dealing with the Hunter/Sebastian situation. And you are not a boring married lady! I'm

The GVZ's said...

I am impressed at your tenacity. I keep stating SBD again and again and last about 4 hours. Hope the pups are better today.

TUWABVB said...

Well, I just commented on yesterday's post before I read this - but my heart is aching for you.

And shit - NONE of us are really Carrie Bradshaw anymore - tell your husband we read because we actually care about the person behind the blob! I'd rather read real life details than made up bullcrap! :)

I've actually managed to keep the weight off that I lost during Murphy's demise - so I'm raring to go - whenever you are ready, let's pull the trigger. I'm even willing to try this while moving! :)

Lisa said...

Ohmigosh! It sounds like you have had it rough! (Understatement anyone?)

How are things going with the dogs now?