Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More dog drama

For those reading this blog who do not follow me on Facebook, a little update is in order. I arrived home from work Monday to find Hunter's vial of Rima.dyl--which had contained 25 tablets that morning--torn open and empty on Sebastian's dog bed. (Sebastian also greeted me with a vial of Ultram, Hunter's other pain med, in his mouth.)

After calling pet poison control and learning that a Rima.dyl overdose of this size can cause liver and kidney failure, I rushed the boys to the emergency vet clinic. Treatment for Rima.dyl overdose required making the dogs vomit first (Sebastian actually puked up 6 intact Rima.dyl tablets), activated charcoal, various meds to prevent gastrointestinal bleeding, and 48 hours of IV fluids and lab monitoring.

Thank goodness, both boys are home now and doing fine. Their labs this morning were 100 percent normal, and they don't seem to have suffered any complications. They have to continue four meds for a week to prevent GI problems.

Though the care they received was VERY expensive, it was obviously top-notch and effective.

I pray this is the last problem the dogs have for a while!

Oh, one bit of good news for Hunter. The vet who saw him the past two days doesn't believe that amputation of his tail is indicated right now. So that's a relief.

Effective immediately, I have no other hobbies--no piano lessons, no massages, no new books--until the vet bill is paid off. The dogs are my only hobby. LOL


Rona said...

I'm glad both doggies are OK- it is so scary when they eat something they're not supposed to!

TUWABVB said...

Oh, the random things that enter dogs' mouths! I'm sorry it cost so much, but so happy that they are alright! You are a kind doggy-mamma to take such good care of them.

Flying Monkeys said...

Oh dear Jesus! Boys!

Lisa said...

Before I lived with Marti, I used to pack my things and visit.

Part of packing was getting my dog and her Rimadyl over there for the weekend.

I guess Marti's dog was jealous that my dog got all the "treats" so she searched them out in my bag while we were gone.

Suffice it to say, I feel your pain! A chewed up empty pill bottle is HORRIFYING to come home to!!!!