Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Challenge anyone?


Although today's scale reading was still lower than I've seen lately (despite my making no effort to eat better, save eating out less for financial reasons), it is still MUCH higher than I'd like to see it. I'd like to kick-start a weight loss and/or fitness challenge. I seem to do better when I'm competing on some levels with others (sick and twisted, I know).

Anyone else interested? If so, comment below. . . . and include your email address if it doesn't appear in your Blogger profile so I can reach you.


P.S. Today is the fifth anniversary of my completion of the bar exam. God willing, I will never leave Arizona while I am still a lawyer and have to endure that ordeal again.


TUWABVB said...

Um - (slowly raises hand) - I'm interested.

If you'll still have me. I guess I just got swamped with the house, etc., but I can definitely be a "follower" in a challenge. I need some rules - I need some motivation - and I need someone to kick my ass (that would be you).

Flying Monkeys said...

Okay, I'm interested BUT...I'm going on a road trip next week and that is NOT GOOD for the diet and exercising crap.
I can start when I get back P90X or not. (I put in a claim with eBay, it's been 32 days. They have until Monday to get me the product or give me my money.)

Anonymous said...

Count me in. BRING IT! :o)

Valerie said...

You should try P90X, too--I've heard it awesome (if really hard :)). I will join the challenge. I started Monday with ZERO carbs for the next 8 weeks. The only drawback is that I'm not supposed to weigh until the 8 weeks are up, so my progress will remain a mystery until then. :) Tomorrow is my 7th bar "anniversary"--I still remember how completely draining it all was! (Today may be the 7th anniversary of the Blarney Castle Confrontation. lol)

The GVZs said...

Me, me, me. I am much more motivated when something is on the line. I need rules and I am sooooo fat (plus, I am a big believer in the SBD). So, I am ready!!

texi said...

its been 15 years since my i-think-i-would-rather-eat-raw-sheep-balls-than-do-this-again test. shudder. how i hated the bar. i remember it like yesterday - my blood pressure shoots up at the mere thought.

but congrats on your anniversary!!