Monday, January 14, 2008


205.2 (on Sunday--didn't weigh today)

My trip to Tucson was successful: I took my CASA child to the zoo (along with her foster sister), met my friend C for coffee, had dinner with friends M and F (& F's 6-year-old daughter) at PF Chang's, then spent the rest of the evening chatting with M at her house. And oh yeah, I took my planned deposition this morning, which was the main reason for the trip in the first place. LOL

Tomorrow morning I am leaving at 7:00 to drive to Kingman with one of the partners with whom I work a lot. We'll be attending a deposition there and meeting with a regular and frequent client. It's a three-and-a-half hour drive, and we will be returning the same day, so a lot of time on the road.

Then Thursday I have to drive to Prescott for a full day of depositions--9:00 to 5:00. That drive will take me a little over two hours each way, so that'll be my third travel day this week. I knew I was going to have to travel for this job; I guess I never realized that I'd be cramming it all into the same week. :-)

Tonight was my first night meeting MM at the gym. I got irrationally angry about the amount of time I had to wait for an elliptical trainer: it took nearly 20 minutes for one to become available. Apparently this is not uncommon, and I'm just going to have to get used to it. I thought of perhaps going to the gym at a different time--early in the morning or on my lunch hour--but neither of those times works well, and if go then, MM and I cannot go together. Eventually I got a brief (20-minute) workout in on an elliptical, as well as doing some upper body free weights.

After the gym, MM and I got a quick bite to eat at Chipotle. It was nice to see him, even though I was surly about waiting around. He looked really cute running on the treadmill. Tee hee ;-)

Because I was staying at my friend M's and she doesn't own a scale, I didn't get to weigh myself this morning. (Actually, it probably wouldn't be accurate anyway if I weighed on a different scale than mine.) Tomorrow is my last official day of South Beach Phase One, but due to my work-related travel, I'll be cutting Phase One short by a day and starting to reintroduce healthy carbs tomorrow. I'll be interested to see what the scale says tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

After the words "cocksnuggler" and "skinny bitch" were uttered from my mouth one too many times, we ended up buying an elliptical. The price wasn't too too bad and the convenience totally worth it!