Friday, January 04, 2008

Common courtesy


Through recent conversations with friends and family members, it has become apparent that some things I think of as "common courtesy" are no longer very common. For example, I always send a thank you note when someone does something particularly kind for me, like sending me a gift or having me as a guest in their home.

Because sending a thank you note is something I always do, I thought nothing of the fact that I sent one to MM's parents thanking them for having me over for dinner on New Year's Day. In fact, I didn't even mention to MM that I'd sent it. . . . it just didn't seem out-of-the-ordinary to me, more like something that would be expected.

MM's parents received my note yesterday. Apparently acknowledging kindness with a personal note is not as common as it once was: MM's parents were "wow-ed" by the (very simple) thank you note I sent them. MM himself was surprised and very impressed and couldn't stop talking about how sweet I am. Too funny.

I still have my icky cold--more annoying than anything else. (Another point re common courtesy: covering coughs and sneezes.) I am taking a decongestant today; it seems to have helped some. I felt miserable when I first woke up and have felt progressively better since taking drugs and a hot shower. Coffee helped, too, as I didn't sleep much last night with my nasal drip and cough.

Today is day #3 on South Beach. Today has been the easiest day yet. I have not been hungry at all (except at appropriate times). My lack of hunger could be in part because I cannot really smell.


(Man, I wish I were one of those people who write really fun and interesting blog entries every day. Alas.)


JessiferSeabs said...

I also write thank you notes and it drives me batty when other people don't do it -- I can't say I ALWAYS do it after being a guest in somebody's home, but often I do, and I ALWAYS write notes for gifts... I agree that it is common courtesy, and that it's a dying trait... which is sad.