Monday, January 21, 2008


I slept fitfully last night, due to another head cold. WTF?? I rarely get sick, and I've now had two colds almost back to back! Anyway. . . .
Because I was sleeping very lightly, I can remember parts of two dreams I had. In the first dream, MM sent me a photo (on my BlackBerry) of him in a hot tub with another woman. The two of them were all tan and smiling, and the woman was much younger, thinner, and prettier than me. When I got angry, MM denied any infidelity and said that he'd sent me the photo so I could see for myself what he was up to.
The second dream was about someone I almost never think about: the first guy I ever had sex with, who I will call CM for short. The story of how I came to have sex with CM is not very interesting. CM and I were never boyfriend/girlfriend, though I did hook up with him a few more times 5-6 years later. In the dream, CM was very hateful to me when I asked him why he had never called me after a date. (Note: in real life, CM never went on a real "date," so this scenario never occurred.)
So I guess the theme of these dreams was rejection. To the best of my recollection, that dream about MM was the first one I've had about him; too bad it couldn't have been more positive. And dreaming about CM was unexpected because, as I mentioned, I rarely think of him.
My office is closed today, so technically I have the day off from work. I have so much work to do, however, that I am going to go in and work for 5-6 hours a little later today. This morning I have to take KC to the airport; after that, I'll head to the office and attempt to make a little progress in completing the multiple projects I have in process at the moment.
South Beach diet is going well, and I have already gone to the gym once this week, after going three times last week. Saturday night, I decided to "cheat" by eating some pepperoni pizza and a few hot wings. After eating that meal, I had horrible indigestion for hours; I guess my body is just not used to getting that amount of grease anymore. That's probably a good thing.
I had some excitement this weekend: on Friday night, while MM and I were out to dinner, Sebastian grabbed a box of S.O.S. pads from the kitchen counter and ate four of them. He puked up one pad on Saturday around noon, had loose gray stools all afternoon, then puked up another pad and pooped out two more during the early morning hours of Sunday while I was asleep. I'm glad my boy is OK; I was worried about him. He seems to have recovered from his misadventure, though.
MM was very sweet and offered to stay at my place Saturday night, due to Sebastian's (self-induced) illness; first time he's spent the night at my apartment. MM took a Claritin before he came over, so his dog allergy symptoms, though not entirely suppressed, were minimal.
MM and I had dinner Friday night, followed by a couple of hours of hanging out at my place; Saturday night we did dinner and a movie; and Sunday we had lunch and went house hunting together. Just a typical weekend for most couples, I suppose. It was really great to be with him. Today has been four months since our first date. Awwww.
In some ways, it seems like a lot longer than four months that we've been together. I love MM, and I feel very close to him. I know he loves me, too; not only does he tell me often, but it's apparent from his behavior, too. I will be very surprised if things don't work out with us. . . . but I guess you never know.
Damn runny nose!!