Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yep, me and every other schmo

I know it's sadly cliched to start a diet right after New Year's. Nonetheless, I started the South Beach Diet this morning. I originally told my sister that I'd start it with her, to be a support; then she told me that she isn't going to start until later in the month because of her upcoming job change & other life complications. However, once I'd learned that V was going to defer her start date until later in January, I had already bought SB-compliant foods and purged my kitchen of non-compliant foods. So I figured what the hell, might as well get a head start.
When I go home shortly, I am going to walk Sebastian around the neighborhood. I'm not going to do anything more strenuous than brisk walks for these first two weeks while I'm on the strict phase one portion of SB; I don't seem to have much energy when I don't eat carbs. After that, though, I may join MM's gym and start working out with him after work 2-3 days a week. . . . just jogging/walking on the treadmill and lifting weights, I think.
We'll see how this goes. I've been frickin' starving most of the afternoon, so I'd better eat a lot more veggies for lunch tomorrow or something. Jeez. Well, it's always like this the first few days on any diet.
I had dinner at MM's parents' house yesterday evening. We had a nice time; MM says they like me, and they certainly seem to. They are nice people. MM was all tense; he stresses about most things anyway, and he is just not used to bringing these two areas of his life together. (He's only even introduced his parents to two other women, and the last one was years ago.)
Work is OK. I spent today working on lots of small projects. Tomorrow I plan to dive back into a bigger project I've been hacking away at for a couple of weeks. Good times. ;-)
Today feels like Monday since it's the first day I worked this week. I won't be seeing MM until Saturday, but that's not very far off, really. We are going to go to a hockey game--fun!