Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clean bill of health


OK, today's weight is a good illustration of how the scale lies. I know I didn't lose 2.8 lbs overnight. So while it was nice to see a (much) lower number on the scale, I don't believe it.

I have been pretty happy with my first two days "back on the wagon." I have been fully compliant with the South Beach plan--despite the temptation presented by homemade brownies brought in to the office today by one of our nurses--and I have walked Sebastian each evening. Hey, it's only been two days in a row, but ya gotta start somewhere.

I have an icky head cold (thanks, MM). It's really more annoying than anything. My throat is scratchy, one side of my nose keeps running, and my sinuses are congested. I'm sure I'll live: MM said this cold only lasted three days for him.

I had my annual physical today. (I was a little overdue.) A new doctor, and I really liked him. He gave me the go-ahead to diet and exercise (in fact, he encouraged both--surprise, surprise). . . but he was actually not in favor of my jogging or running. In his exam, he noted that the cartilage in both my knees has some "wear and tear." As I am only 36, this came as a surprise to me. He said that I could reconsider running if/when I lose some weight, but he thinks my weight is contributing a lot to this and that I shouldn't further stress those joints by running. Awful!

His #1 suggestions for me for exercise were free weights and the elliptical trainer. Those are both things I enjoy, and this lends more weight to the side of the scale tipping toward joining MM's gym, as he's suggested. In two weeks, when the new year's resolution furor has died down a little, I'll be going and signing up.

My brother-in-law must be beside himself right now. He's a Virginia Tech alum and rabid football fan, and Kansas is beating VT 17-0. Yikes. Glad he's on the east coast and I'm in Arizona. My poor sister. Hope VT comes back. . .