Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cloudy day

Poor SL! Reading back over my last post, I really bagged on him. Shall I say he has redeemed himself nicely by bringing home a dozen long-stemmed roses for me yesterday "just because." He also enjoyed seeing Slither Sunday evening, and it was kind-of nice to have a few hours to myself at home, even though I didn't spend them doing much.

I was so happy earlier today because the defendant in two of my more dreaded trials accepted a plea resolving both cases! I had been double and triple-booked for trials the last two weeks of this month (his were on both weeks), but my conflicts are resolved as of today. Yea! Now I can spend more time preparing for the two trials that are actually going forward.

I really like being in trial. The rest of my job is so-so: sometimes OK, sometimes a grind. But trials I love. If I ever switch to another area of the law besides being a prosecutor, I know that being in trial a lot is the thing I will miss the most about this job.

I got a "save the date" card for another wedding recently. My friend K, who I met several years ago when we were both travel nurses in Houston, Texas, is getting married in her hometown of Cincinnati. My mom lives about an hour away from Cincy (out in the boonies), so I am seeing if I can arrange to attend the wedding. It could be tough to take time off, as I am flying to Rhode Island three weeks before that for another friend's wedding. We'll see.

I'm so happy for K! We have talked several times about her concern that she would never fall in love and marry; now it has finally happened for her. As my mom said (somewhat undiplomatically to her single 35-year old daughter), "it gives all you old gals hope." (Thanks, Mom.)

SL & I have started walking the river trail in the evenings. We will have to skip tonight because I am volunteering to help with an arson mock trial, but will resume tomorrow. Our goal is to go 3 nights a week, so missing tonight is not a big deal.

My eating continues as poor as ever. Had a chocolate croissant for a mid-morning snack today, and I know I will be having pepperoni pizza for dinner. I'm still not really motivated to do much about either. Ah well.