Monday, September 14, 2009

What will it take?


I am still failing at eating better. I did exercise three times last week, so I guess that counts for something. . . . though actually it is still less than the four times a week which my PCP recommended over a year ago due to my high cholesterol and I'm sure is not enough to counter my poor food choices.

I didn't make HORRIBLE choices this weekend, but ate more than I should've--including dessert twice on Saturday and on Sunday--and, as usual, didn't get in enough fruits and veggies.

Not sure what it'll take to motivate me to do better. Will I have to actually have a heart attack or be diagnosed with diabetes before I will change? Given my family history, there is a better than even chance of either or both happening. What the hell is wrong with me?


Well, on the organizational front, things are looking up. My deal with KC to spend two Saturdays a month decluttering & organizing--one at her place, one at mine--is paying off. Not only did we clean out my home office last weekend, we cataloged her 200+ DVDs this past Saturday.

I often find that decluttering and organizing inspires me to do more of the same, and this time was no different: I sorted through a stack of papers which had been awaiting my attention for months yesterday and actually put away the four loads of laundry I did. (OK, not exactly revolutionary, but more than I usually do on a weekend.) In a perverse way, I wish I weren't going to be out of town the next two weekends so that we could forge ahead. Alas, I must wait until 10/10 to do another session at my place. I've already made plans to tackle the garage (which actually isn't awful, compared to many I've seen).

All in all, I had quite a good weekend. As usual, I didn't get as much as I would've liked, but I was reasonably productive and had some fun. Went out for pizza with MM on Friday night after work, and in our absence, there was a lot of thunder in our area (though no rain). Hunter freaked out and tried to claw out the front again, but the damage is less than last time, and I think I will repair it myself when return from vacation. (Poor poochie.)

Saturday I got up EARLY (for me, anyway) and met blogging friend L for a 0630 walk with the goldens. I then read blogs and Fac.eb.ook and just generally relaxed before leaving for KC's house. Saturday night we had dinner with my friend C and her husband and son, which was a lot of fun. Baby W is 8 months old now and was in a very cheerful, happy mood.

Sunday MM and I both intended to work for a few hours at our respective offices. To make a long story short, plans changed, and we ended up going shopping instead. MM bought a nice new dress shirt for Rowan's baptism, and I bought a few shirts for myself, two for work, and the rest for our trip to DC. We had dinner with his parents in the evening and watched the season finale of True Blood when we got home.

This week will be mostly the usual routine. Workwise, most of my time will be devoted to completing everything necessary so that I can be out of the office for my vacation next week. My gym bag is packed, and I intend to work out this evening. As usual, my goal is to work out at least four times this week; let's see if I reach it.


TUWABVB said...

That sounds like an amazingly relaxing weekend - I'm happy that you treated yourself that way.

I'm totally with you on the organizing - I find when I start the process, everything else in my life seems to fall into place. But I have such a hard time getting started. I mean, you wouldn't know it from looking at our house - it's not like we are hoarders, but I feel like it needs to be organized deep down. My husband is the same way - he's like a deer in headlights when he needs to declutter.

Sorry about the thunder freak-out - poor baby! But it sounds like he's adjusting so well otherwise! :)

Flying Monkeys said...

I'm disorganized and at my highest weight in 8 years. Yay me!

Was the desert good?