Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good:

**KC helped me "declutter" my home office on Saturday and unpack all the boxes left over from our move a year ago. I got rid of two boxes of stuff (Goodwill), threw away one kitchen trash bag full of various things, and found numerous items that had been missing since our move (including, but not limited to, my passport and birth certificate, some cords/chargers, and the CD and instruction book for Adobe Photoshop Elements).
**I had a good visit with M in Tucson yesterday and was glad that my friend M and her daughter were able to join us.
**It was very nice to have a three-day weekend.
**Hunter successfully completed his basic obedience class, mastering all the commands and earning a certificate.
**I found out this morning that MM and I were approved for our long-awaited White House tour! We have tickets for Tuesday, 9/22.
**I am very much looking forward to our vacation! We leave on Saturday, 9/19.

The bad:
**I missed work on Friday due to a migraine and have been fighting a headache off and on today.
**Due to missing Friday at work, I am already behind on my billable hours for this month and it's only the 8th. And I will have little opportunity to make them up due to our upcoming vacation which will encompass two weekends of the month.

The ugly:
**The scale. I hate to even post the number here. Suffice it to say, it is more than when I/we started this most recent weight loss challenge, which I have not even been working.
**My body. Seriously, it's looking bad. I've only worked out twice in the past two weeks, and my eating has left much to be desired.
**I realized over the weekend that I may well need to shop for a dress for Rowan's baptism. Nothing like shopping for a special occasion outfit when I'm looking and feeling particularly fat. . .


Flying Monkeys said...

I hate shopping ever!

Nice job on the declutter! Sorry about the migraine.

Lisa said...

Found my passport yesterday, too! May need it for an upcoming 90th bday party. Good to see it doesn’t expire until 2011, but Marti’s expires THIS MONTH!!!! Eeek! He’s all over that now!

I would LOVE to declutter!!!! I think a lot of it can be done with a coherent filing system for us. Between my passport hunt and your declutter story, I think I’m inspired. I’m going to get it done!!! Kitchen garbage bags leaving the house full of unnecessary stuff is so fulfilling, isn’t it?  I want that!!!!!

Do you want to get up early again this weekend? Let me know! I’m game!!! Plus, if we say we’ll be there, we have to be there, right? Commitment is the built in excuse buster.

TUWABVB said...

I'm so excited for your trip!!! I can't wait to hear all about the White House. It wil be so good for you to get away from routine and recharge your batteries - I think it's exactly what you need.