Friday, June 27, 2008

Mind numbing

211 (yikes!)

I am attending a mandatory training by one of our clients all day today. So far we have been here nearly 5 hours, and there has been about 30 minutes of information presented that may actually be of use to me. Not only am I very bored, I'm also thinking of all the things I could be doing in the office today if I were there. Instead I will have to work for several hours on Sunday. (sigh)

I did find out late yesterday afternoon that I am going to get to take my scheduled trip to DC next weekend after all. Needless to say, I'm happy about that, and so is MM. This time a week from now, we will be landing at Dulles airport. I can't wait to see my nephew and my sister! I'm also looking forward to playing tourist for a couple of days with MM and just generally getting a chunk of time away. (In all, I will be away from the office for nearly a week.)

My effort with healthful eating and exercise has been nearly non-existent this week. I've eaten out a lot and not made the healthiest choices. I skipped the gym on Tuesday solely due to laziness, so I only worked out last night. (In theory, I could work out this weekend....but I know I won't 'cause I have a lot of other things going on.)

Goodness knows that this week is hardly the first or only slothful week I've had, but this week's sins are actually showing up on the scale....which is more than a little disturbing. I really need to give myself a swift kick in the a$$!

Not much else is going on with me. Oh yeah, just want to mention: I've learned in the past week that three friends are pregnant! Exciting for them!


Valerie said...

Thank God you're coming--my camera died, and The Beast doesn't know what to do when the paparazzi's not after him. ;)