Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Kvetch-fest


*My right trapezoid is killing me from spending too much time on the computer. It's tensed up and sore as a mo-fo. I wish I could get a massage, but I don't have time, and it's hard to get a weekend appointment.

*The roll I brought for lunch was stale! Grrrr

*I don't wanna work anymore. I'm tired of doing "catch up" crap, but I have too much of it to put it aside.

*It's hotter than Hades here!

Don't mind me. . . . as you were.


Land family said...

Suck Fest. I'm sure it is unfrickenbelievably hot in Phx right now. I haven't lived in AZ for 5 years and I haven't forgotten! My husband's family didn't have AC in their family car there growing up. I tell him his brain suffered exposure as a result!

Hope you feel better soon.