Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bangs--should they stay or should they go?

I'm not sure I'm loving the bangs, because they don't look as great when I don't blow out my hair. . . . and with temps in the 110s, I've been wearing my hair in its natural curly state more often than not. The photo above of me in the red was taken in December 2003 (when I weighed around 180). I post it to clearly show how my hair looked without bangs when it was styled.

But I do think I like the bangs when they are swept to the side like they are in this photo below that MM took of me tonight after dinner with some friends. (Unlike the last "bangs" photo I posted, this photo actually looks like me.)


Kristi Marie said...

Your hair is as curly as mine! I've been so lazy lately, I don't style it as much as I used to.

I vote for no bangs.

Land family said...

I'm a no bangs kind of girl myself, so I tend to think if your face shape and forehead can permit it, go bangless! They have to be a tremendous PITA in the heat! Ewww. Last time I had bangs (just until they grew out!) I developed forehead acne from the needed hair spray and sweat! :(

You really do look fine either way. Mine would have to be cut extra long to compensate for the curl-is that what they did for you? I also had to blow dry mine or they wouldn't "behave." Let us know what you decide

Valerie said...

I think they look good, if you like them and are willing to style them. We come from a long line of high foreheads. ;) One thing I would point out that D has helpfully mentioned: be sure when you're looking at old pics of hairstyles that you liked that you're actually trying to recapture that hair look, and not just being wistful about that weight (hence, why my hair is still dark and graying and not highlighted blonde like the engagement pics from 30 pounds ago). :)

Hilly said...

As someone who has recently lifted the ban on bangs, I have to say that I like them on you...a lot!