Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mmmm. . . . brownie

224.6 (unofficial)
I know some people say that you shouldn't weigh yourself daily, particularly when you are trying to lose weight. I, for one, don't think it's a terrible thing to do, so long as you don't let a change on the scale freak you out. I look on daily weigh-ins as information gathering.
That said, I have been weighing myself daily since starting Jenny Craig on 4/10. Some days the scale hasn't changed much; once or twice it's been up a bit from the day before. Totally normal. I was pretty psyched about the weight I saw this morning, so I had to share it.
I am very glad that the scale is now moving down instead of up. How sad, though, that I am actually happy to see 224.6 on my scale! Considering I started Weight Watchers at 212.2 in January 2003 (and at 179 in January 1992, if you want to go back that far), it's pretty disgusting that I am happy to be back in the 220's. . . but I AM happy about it! :)
I had a very lazy day today. I slept in until almost 10:30, then read for the next four hours. (One book, cover to cover.) I finally hopped in the shower around 3:00, ran a couple of errands, then went to a BBQ at my friend/coworker V's house. I enjoyed the BBQ, though many of the guests were leaving by the time I arrived. Once I returned home, I chatted on the phone with a couple of friends, then spent over an hour editing and uploading the photos from my stepdad's memorial service.
The main thing I needed to do this weekend--unpack!--I haven't done at all. . . yet. There is still tomorrow, and I am optimistic about getting the kitchen, my bathroom, and a good chunk of the den unpacked. I know if I buckle down and get to it, it will probably take less than two hours. I just need to exercise some self-discipline. I also need to get the guest room ready, as my dad & stepmom are coming to visit on Friday. I bought them nice, crisp white sheets & towels yesterday. Just need to pop those babies in the wash, make the bed, and spruce up their bathroom a bit; it's not really in need of a cleaning because I don't use it.
I also plan to go for a 45-60 minute walk tomorrow morning. Poor Sebastian got no walk today due to my laziness, so I intend to make it up to him tomorrow. Not to mention I need the exercise. I ate a brownie at the BBQ; that was definitely NOT on my eating plan for today.
No trial this coming week. . . but I do need to put my nose to the grindstone and get some things done. I would be going in to the office tomorrow, but for the fact that the power in our building is going to be off all day. I can't get much accomplished there without lights and the computer! I'll just have to go in a little earlier and be more focused this week.


Anonymous said...

Does the "brownie" in "mmm, brownie" mean the JC one? I love that dessert and the cheesecake!