Monday, April 16, 2007

Complete change of scenery

Another Monday. I moved on Friday, then returned to the old apartment Saturday to clear out the few things left there and clean up. Over 8 hours of work Friday and 4 hours Saturday, and I no longer live in the apartment SL & I shared for a year and a half.
I got a little teary after turning in the keys. My new place is much larger, and much nicer--a house instead of an apartment--and I know I am making a change for the better. I've got to get on with my life without SL in it. It's just hard. I actually missed him quite a bit on Sunday. Aside from the drinking, we had quite a good relationship. And obviously I have not stopped loving him after just 3 short weeks.
Sebastian is gradually adjusting to the new place. He loves the large backyard. . . though he is reluctant to go out there alone for very long. He generally stands or lies in front of the sliding glass door looking out. If I leave that back door open, he will go out in the yard for a while, then run back in to check where I am. There is an aquarium here, and he loves looking at the fish. Too funny.
I have a trial tomorrow! Short case, probably take only a day and a half, simple possession of cocaine. Shouldn't even really be going to trial, IMHO, but whateva. That's what I get paid to do.
Jenny Craig program is going well. My biggest problem following the plan this first week was the move: it made it hard for me to eat every 3-4 hours as I'm supposed to. I have been a little hungry at times, but not unbearably so. I have gotten a little bit of exercise in, too, this week; I'm quite proud of how I've done, actually. Shows me that "I've still got it." Honestly, losing weight has never been the problem for me. My problem is sticking with it, not losing motivation, and making a permanent change. Oh yeah, and keeping off the weight I lose.
I walked a 5K yesterday for the local Race for the Cure. It was good. It really brought home to me, though, how out of shape I am. I used to knock out a 5K distance 3 times a week, no sweat; now it was a bit of a challenge. My feet were killing me by the end. But I finished it! And even walked about a mile back to the car afterwards. It helped that I had a much thinner, younger, more fit friend along to shame me into continuing. LOL
Gotta take a last look at my case file before tomorrow's trial. I'll post again after tomorrow night's weigh in.