Monday, April 09, 2007

I don't wanna work

I'm back at work this morning after my trip to Ohio for Jim's memorial service. It was COLD the whole time we were there! The highest daytime temperature I saw was 36 degrees. There were also snow flurries off and on all weekend. The news said Ohio had a colder Easter than Christmas.
I thought the memorial service went well; my mom seemed pleased with the way things turned out. She appears to be coping pretty normally. She's tearful at times and says the house seems empty, but is doing OK otherwise.
It was good to see the relatives, despite the circumstances. My cousin-by-marriage has three children--aged 11, 6, and 7 months--and they provided quite a bit of amusement and entertainment. I love kids! I enjoyed spending time with my mom & sister, too.
Today has been a Monday in every sense of the word. I am tired, dehydrated, cranky, and overwhelmed by all the things that have accumulated on my desk and in my inbox during my *2* day absence from work! I'm kicking around the idea of going home early; I just don't think I'm mentally/emotionally prepared to sort out this mess today. Everything will still be here tomorrow, and maybe I will be in a better frame of mind then.
I've made arrangements to move on Friday. K is coming down to help me, and I've rented a truck. I think a change of scene will be good, and the house I am going to be renting is so cute. I'm going to start walking the dog around the neighborhood as soon as I move in so I can establish a good habit/routine at the new place.
I'm still joining Jenny Craig tomorrow evening, too. I'm actually looking forward to taking control of my eating and my weight again. So many things in my life are outside my control. I fondly remember how good it felt to manage something that I *could* manage.
One day at a time. . .


snackiepoo said...

You are going through a lot right now, so day at a time. Don't forget to let yourself breathe and feel!