Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My husband says I'm cruel


I'm still rockin' the South Beach. It's gotten easier, truth be told. The exercise still hasn't picked up, but I am walking the dogs for 20 minutes each night, so that's something.

I woke this morning to headlines about the death-by-overdose of 80s star Cor.ey I must confess, he is little more than a familiar name to me. While I have no doubt seen a couple of his movies when they came out over 20 years ago, they were not among my favorites, and I don't watch reality television,

Even MM mentioned this to me as soon as he was up. (The first thing MM does every morning is check CNN on his BlackBerry, before he is even out of bed.) When I told him that I don't see why the death of a washed-up child actor who was a known drug addict rates as front page news, he told me that I'm cruel.

Don't get me wrong. I think that the untimely death of anyone at age 38 is sad. I just don't see why it's all that newsworthy.

Maybe I am cruel. I still don't really get it. With all that is going on in the world, Co.rey's overdose is the most important thing that has happened thus far today?


Lori said...

Hey there. I have been meaning to comment on you blog recently. You have talked about Las Cruces before, and I live in El Paso! I used to work in Cruces but the commute got to be too much. Just wanted to say hey, and that I was reading. Good luck in your weight loss endeavors!

Flying Monkeys said...

Maybe because it was one of the "Coreys" in the 80's. They were were super popular. *shrug* I'm sad for him, I'd hoped he'd turn his life around but then I hope that for all addicts.
Great job on the SB! I'm focusing on the exercise right now, then I'll add the diet later. I hope. : )