Monday, May 18, 2009

Hunter news

Seems like lately the only posts on this blog that garner more than one or two comments are the ones I write about the dogs. Maybe most of my readers have abandoned me. Given the sporadic posting and the mostly dull content, I wouldn't blame them. :-)

So it's a good thing I have something to report about one of the dogs. Hunter has recovered nicely from his kennel cough--without ever infecting Sebastian, despite constant interaction with him--and is settling into our home well. However, on Thursday evening (just before leaving to the Jimmy Buffett concert), I noticed that a lump on his right ear flap which the vet had told me to keep an eye on had grown larger, firmer, and painful.

To make a long story short, Hunter saw the vet Saturday morning and is back at the vet today to have surgery on an ear flap hematoma. Apparently these are common in Goldens and, if large like his, will not heal on their own without causing permanent deformity of the ear that can lead to chronic ear infections. They are often a result of the dog shaking his head or scratching at his ear due to infection, but curiously, Hunter's ear is not infected.

Poor Hunter. In addition to being a mistreated yard dog most of his life, in the span of a little over a month, he has been neutered, had kennel cough, and now this surgery. Rough life.

I should find out soon how the surgery went and whether he will be able to come home tonight. He will have a bandage around his head (like a Revolutionary War veteran) for a week and 25-30 stitches in his right ear for a total of three weeks.

Keep Hunter in your thoughts. I hope he does OK.


Elizabeth said...

aw, poor little guy! i hope he's on the mend soon.

K said...

Good luck. I hope Hunter made it safely home last night. My dog He-man had the same problem with the ear flap hematoma. It's very uncomfortable for them. Hopefully the worst is over and he can settle in, enjoying his life with you, M, and Sebastian.

Valerie said...

Doc had a hematoma, too, but his healed w/o surgery. I hope Hunter is home and happy. I read all your blog entries, but I just feel compelled to reply when pups are mentioned. :)

Anonymous said...

I read ALL of your posts, I swear. I've just been in a funky way and haven't been commenting much anywhere lately.

Emily Canady said...

I would never abandon you :) I read everything. I don't always comment but rest assured you are not alone:) I love your doggie stories and pictures, while not this story, pure Hunter. At least he is getting the proper love and attention he deserves now. You are a great doggie mommie :)

TUWABVB said...

I haven't abandoned you either. I swear I was away from the Internet for like two weeks! :( I'm sorry to hear that Hunter has had a rough start, but between you and me, aren't those collars good for a little laugh? When Riley had one a few months ago, I laughed so hard I just about peed myself. Yes, I'm a horrible mommy!