Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sebastian is no Chuck

If you've read the blog, you have probably seen the Daily Chuck segment where the blog's author takes a photo of her dog with various props. I love the Daily Chuck! I thought it was especially clever when the author announced her second pregnancy by posting a photo of Chuck balancing the positive home pregnancy test on his muzzle.

I've often thought it would cool to do a similar thing with Sebastian. I wouldn't do it daily, just because that's too much of a commitment. Maybe the Weekly Sebastian? Unfortunately, Sebastian is neither as well-trained nor as a patient a photography subject as Chuck. . . . and I lack the creativity to think of enough ideas to make this a regular part of my blog.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy sharing photos of my boy. I have always given Sebastian a good deal of attention, and now that we are in the process of exploring getting a second Golden, I've felt inclined to give him a little more one-on-one time than usual.

Oh, and speaking of our quest for a second Golden, we are meeting "Hunter" on Tuesday evening. If all goes well with the boys' meeting, he will come home with us that night as our foster dog ("Foster with intent to adopt"). And if he fits into our household we will have the option of adopting him! So that's exciting.

The following are a few shots I took of Sebastian (and his toys) before and after work last Wednesday. Notice how much happier he is after work than before.

Sebastian getting pets from MM in the evening

Resting his head on a paw as I'm about to walk out the door to work

Waiting in the hall as we get ready for work (after sunning himself on the patio for about 10-15 minutes)

Sebastian's current favorite toy, his "big dog" from Ikea (actually a child's toy, not a dog toy), and his three Nylabones in three different flavors. He likes to have the whole assortment available and gets bothered if you put any away in his toy basket.


Valerie said...

He's so handsome! And how funny about his Nylabones. Dogs can be so quirky. I hope you all love Hunter, and Hunter loves you. :)