Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This blog has been sadly neglected of late! I attribute this to the fact that work has been busy and I have had (another!) head cold since Saturday evening. Between feeling generally ICK and reserving my mental energy/concentration for work-related writing projects, there just isn't much left for the ol' blog.

MM and I had a nice Easter weekend. Saturday morning I got a haircut (taking a break from coloring because my hair is VERY dry); had acupuncture (as I do nearly every Saturday); and then met KC for sushi (yum!). It was a rainy, gray day. . . . very unusual for Phoenix! (I actually like days like that once in a while for variety.)

After sushi, KC and I went shopping at Lane Bryant; I needed a few new, spring things for work, and I had a coupon for LB, as well as a $50 Visa gift card from my birthday, thanks to my in-laws. I successfully found two pairs of slacks and four tops and also bought some lacy underwear because it was on sale. (I'm sure MM gets tired of seeing nothing but cotton hip huggers all the time, lol.) By the time I got home, I had only a short time to relax before MM and I headed out for C's son's baptism.

I very much enjoyed being godmother to C's little boy! My first time as a godmother. (Though I hear plans are being made for Rowan to be baptized when we visit in September.) The church was an Episcopal one, so the service was very much like the Catholic masses I am used to. Familiarity is always nice! The church looked especially lovely, being decorated for Easter with many fragrant lilies and other white flowers. MM kept giving me surreptitious eye rolls because the service lasted an hour-and-a-half, but that was to be expected. (MM hadn't been to church in many years.) Poor MM couldn't even sit by me because I had to sit near the other sponsor and the parents.

I really should post a few photos from the baptism. MM took a few cute ones of me with the baby after church. Will have to check with C and ask if she minds my posting her baby's photo on my blog. ;-)

Sunday I slept in (restless night due to coughing and congestion) and then just vegged out until going to my in-laws' around 2:30. We spent the afternoon/evening with them and were home by 8:00 and watched "Yes Man." (We enjoyed the movie but were glad we rented it instead of paying to see it in the theater.)

Had I not gotten sick, it really would have been a darn-near-perfect weekend. Ah well.

After watching Yes Man, MM decided that we needed to take a spontaneous trip somewhere. But MM being MM (and me being me), instead of actually taking a trip somewhere spontaneously, he told me that we are going to visit San Antonio the second weekend in May. (He's not much good at surprises.) MM has never been to San Antonio, and it's a city I've visited several times and really enjoy, so the trip should be fun!

Much to my relief, one of the partners with whom I work a lot ("T") settled a big case of ours last Friday. Not only was it a case that really needed to be settled from our client's perspective, it also was coming up for trial in June. . . . at the same time that another partner will be in trial on another case of mine. I was not looking forward to spending the next 6-8 weeks doing pre-trial preparation for two cases basically simultaneously--in addition to handling all of my regular work, including several new cases that will soon be entering discovery--so I was glad T settled his case.

While in Tucson for work last week, I got to visit M (the child in foster care with whom I've volunteered for the past 5+ years). M is going through yet another transition right now because she is getting to know a couple who interested in adopting her. I was glad to be able to get M's perspective on how things are going--I'm told that the "getting acquainted" is going splendidly from the parents' perspective--and learn that she likes them. There have been several visits between the parents and M now, and things seem to be going well. I am cautiously optimistic that, after over 4 years, 3 foster homes, and 4 other failed adoptions (though M only knew about one of those), she may finally have a found a permanent home.

I also got to stay with my friend (& old roommate) K while in Tucson, and it was great to catch up with her! We don't talk often, but it's always fun to see her. Gotta love being able to mix business with a little pleasure. . . .


Valerie said...

I've been trying to talk D into a trip to San Antonio for ages! I hope your spontaneous (riiiight) trip is fun. ;)

Kristi Marie said...

I've never been to San Antonio either, but want to make it there someday (I've heard the River Walk is very nice, plus I want to see The Alamo). I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!

I hope everything works out with M....I'll keep my fingers crossed.

TUWABVB said...

I so want this adoption to work out - especially speaking as an adopted child. :)

Believe it or not, I've only been to San Antonio twice in my life. My husband goes down there for business all the time - including this Saturday...so maybe I'll have to make him plan a buiness trip when y'all are there and I can break off and come say 'hi.' :)