Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doing my civic duty

(forgot to weigh before boot camp)

So yesterday I was downtown at the courthouse all day because I was summoned for jury duty. I ended up on a panel of prospective jurors for a three-week murder trial.

The jury selection process wasn't completed yesterday, so we all have to return today at 10:30. Although I think jury duty could be an interesting experience as a general proposition, I really hope I get kicked off this jury: I have lots of stuff scheduled over the next three weeks that would have to be moved, as well as the usual amount of work and deadlines. . . . and all the stuff going on in my non-work life.

You tell me: if you were one of the defense attorneys, would you want me on your jury? Here are the things I have shared so far during the voir dire process:

**I am an attorney.
**I work for a firm that does primarily medical malpractice defense, but one of the active partners in the firm represents the County in several civil rights cases. (The County Attorney's Office is prosecuting this case.)
**I was a prosecutor for two-and-a-half years. Of those, at least a year was spent prosecuting cases involving the sale or distribution of drugs, among other cases. (The case involves allegations of a "drug deal gone bad.")
**I liked being a prosecutor and mainly left the job to make more money elsewhere.
**I am engaged to an adult probation officer.

Because I think I can still be fair and impartial despite all these factors, I have had to honestly answer "yes" when asked that question. I haven't yet been removed "for cause," but I am optimistic that one of the defense attorneys will use a peremptory strike to remove me. . . . the female defense attorney really seemed to not like my background, based on her questioning of me during voir dire.

Ah yes. Good times. . . . .


Wyatt & Co. said...

You got booted, I take it? No follow up, you left us hanging.