Monday, October 06, 2008

1st day of boot camp

209.6 (ugh)

Well, I survived. It was really hard to get up at 4:50 when my alarm went off, but I'm glad I did.

The boot camp was challenging, as I expected. Many of the other participants are boot camp veterans; there were only a few others besides me who were attending for the first time. I had to stop a few times while running stairs, and know I am going to be sore tomorrow. . . . but I feel good, and I'm proud of myself for going.

I am sure I will sleep tonight! Actually, I fully expect to be exhausted by about 2:00 p.m. today. Well, that's why we have coffee. I've pretty much broken my addiction to caffeine, but I'm going to make an exception today if I need it. It's not every day that I shock my body by getting up before 5:00!

Inspired by my exercise, I ate a healthy, low-carb breakfast. I hit the grocery store yesterday for healthy food for the week, and I'm just about out of spending money until I get paid on Friday. . . so I should be in good shape eating-wise. All I have to do is eat the food I bought.

I'm thinking I will probably get up at 6:00 on the days I don't have boot camp, just so I don't totally get off kilter with my sleep schedule. Because I'll be up so early, I think I may take Sebastian and at least do a walk around the neighborhood on the off days.

Hey! If I successfully complete this boot camp, I might actually be in good enough shape to hike while we're in Maui!


Land family said...

Wow I am so impressed that you made it! I am so out of shape-I went on a bike ride with my niece yesterday, and a very short (20 min) one today by myself....I'm dying! I would keel over in the class for sure.

TUWABVB said...

I'm so proud of you that you did it! It took a lot to ever get out of bed, never mind complete the class, so you totally deserve a pat on the back. Congratulations!