Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stress? Eh, only 216 points' worth

It's no secret that I've been feeling stressed of late. While taking a mental break to surf the internet tonight, I google'd "stressful life events" and came across the following list compiled in order from most to least stressful common occurrences. (I've bolded the items that I have either experienced in the past year or will be experiencing within the next three months.)

Death of a spouse: 100 Points
2. Divorce: 73 Points
3. Marital Separation: 65 Points
4. Jail Term: 63 Points
5. Death of Close Family Member: 63 Points
6. Personal Injury or Illness: 53 Points
7. Marriage: 50 Points
8. Job Firing: 47 Points
9. Marital Reconciliation: 45 Points
10. Retirement: 45 Points
11. Change in Health Of A Family Member: 44 Points
12. Pregnancy: 44 Points
13. Sexual Difficulties: 39 Points
14. Gain of a New Family Member: 39 Points
15. Business Readjustment: 39 Points
16. Change in Financial State: 38 Points
17. Death of a Close Friend: 37 Points
18. Change to a Different Line Of Work: 36 Points
19. Change in Number Of Arguments With Spouse: 35 Points
20. Mortgage More Than $50,000: 31 Points
21. Foreclosure: 30 Points
22. Change in Responsibilities at Work: 29 Points
23. Departure of Son or Daughter From Home: 29 Points
24. Trouble with In-laws: 29 Points
25. Outstanding Personal Achievement: 28 Points
26. Spouse’s Beginning Or Stopping Work: 26 Points
27. Beginning or Ending of School: 26 Points
28. Change in Living Conditions: 25 Points
29. Change of Personal Habits: 24 Points
30. Trouble With Boss: 23 Points
31. Change in Work Hours or Conditions: 20 Points
32. Change in Residence: 20 Points
33. Change in Schools: 20 Points
34. Change in Recreation: 19 Points
35. Change in Church Activities: 19 Points
36. Change in Social Activities: 18 Points
37. Mortgage or Loan Less Than $50,000: 17 Points
38. Change in Sleeping Habits: 16 Points
39. Change in Numbers of Family Gatherings: 15 Points
40. Change in Eating Habits: 15 Points
41. Vacation: 13 Points
42. Christmas: 12 Points

I am struck by the fact that many things most of us few as positive--like marriage, vacation, Christmas, even "outstanding personal achievement"--are ranked in the 42 most stressful life events. Hmmm.

Even though I only scored 216, this may explain why I am stressed even though life is good. And by the way: I think there should be 20 extra points for being a lawyer in private practice. ;-)

By the look of this list, I better do all I can to keep MM around once we're married: death, divorce, and marital separation are the top three! Eek!


Alli said...

I scored 233 on there. That is so interesting. I am curious why some of the good things are negetive points you know? Like they should put some stress releiving happenins to balance it out some or something.
I guess though good things can be stressful. They didnt have on there Theft of engagement ring... in my stress book that is 2089 points. =)

Momma Mclain said...

It's gonna be ok, just think, 216 is nothing, wait til you get pregnant and it'll be in the 50000's. Just wait. =)