Wednesday, August 06, 2008

7 things I hate about my apartment

In light of the fact that I've been blogging a lot about buying a house with MM, I thought I would share this list.  I have carefully confined my gripes to things I did not/could not know when I moved in here or that have changed since last July.

1.    I hate how slow the drain is in my shower.  This problem has been developing slowly over the past few months, and Drano isn't working to cure it.  I've had multiple plumbing problems in the time I've lived here.  Calling management is useless; they don't ever fix a problem.

2.    I hate how the management never properly fixed the water damage from my flood last November.  I have plywood for shelves in one cabinet, and part of the laminate is peeled back; both look sh1tty.  I made two maintenance requests to have these things fixed months ago, but got tired of asking and gave up.

3.    I hate that the light outside the doors that lead to my hallway is burned out and has not been replaced even though I have called twice (and gone in once in person) about it.

4.    I hate the neighbor who lets his huge dog take a crap in the common area and doesn't pick it up after.  Seriously, this dog must weigh 100+ lbs: his craps are bigger than Sebastian's, and THAT'S saying something!  Pick up after your f$%*in' dog!

5.    I hate how the toilet seat on my toilet is loose and slides when I sit on it.  Not a time when I want a feeling of insecurity.

6.    I hate how the air intake in the hall doesn't take a standard-sized filter.  I'm sure this is not good for MM's allergies, and it's just damn frustrating.

7.    I hate all the sketchy-looking people who've become my neighbors over the past several months.  When I moved in here a little over a year ago, the majority of my neighbors were older retirees who had lived in the complex for years.  I see an ever-increasing number of heavily-tattooed folk and younger people with questionable hygiene & questionable cars.  I know I'm be judgy, and I don't care: I don't want these people as neighbors!

Wow, that was easier than I thought.  Maybe I should've made this a top ten list. . . but I wanted to give a nod to Miley Cyrus with today's post title.  ;--)


Jenn said...

I have to laugh at your first complaint. I lived at a coworkers house for a year while she was out of state and asked me to stay there. I started having problems with the shower drain - it drained so slowly that even during a normal morning shower water was 4"+ deep by the time I got out. Luckily it did drain, but so slowly it took most of the day for the water to get out.

I tried Draino with no success - the Draino wouldn't even go down the drain it was so clogged!

One night I was complaining to my now husband and asking him if he would look at it the next day. Suddenly I looked closely at the drain switch (the one that flipped up and down to open or close the drain) and realized that it was up! And keeping the drain nearly completely closed because of that. I about died laughing - it wasn't clogged at all. Thank goodness I never had a plumber come look, huh? But the way the flip was made it was very hard to tell, without looking very closely, if it was flipped up or not.