Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ten reasons why I love living in Arizona

(Idea stolen from Hilly's blog. . . she borrowed it from someone else ;-) )

1. No cold weather or snow (at least here in the south). I have not owned a real coat in years, and I love it.

2. On a related note. . . I can drive a few hours, never leave the state, and see snow in winter if I want. I can go from the desert to the mountains in a short drive. Very cool.

3. It cracks me up how we are known nationally as a "red" state. Aside from the Phoenix metro area, which just happens to be the major population center, most of the rest of AZ is quite liberal and Democrat.

4. Saguaro cactuses. No other state's got 'em. . . at least not naturally occurring.

5. Even though it's predictable, I have to include the Grand Canyon. It's frickin' AMAZING! There is absolutely no substitute for seeing it firsthand; pictures do NOT do it justice.

6. The best mexican food this side of New Mexico. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that NM is my home state, though AZ is now my home.)

7. It's a dry heat. Seriously, it gets very, very hot here. . . . but at least it's not humid. My curly hair is thankful to avoid the frizz factor.

8. The summer monsoon. The rainstorms in the desert are something very unique and awesome. The sights, sounds, smells are incredible.

9. Casual is (almost) always appropriate. Try going to court or a wedding in denim in NYC. . . not gonna happen. Here, it's usually A-OK.

10. Wildcats basketball.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about living in Mesa was "Arizona Casual". I mean come on, how can you ask people to put on dressy stuff in such a hot, dry heat?


Anonymous said...

P to tha S: I linked yours on my blog...I sho nuff hope you don't mind. Email me if you do!