Saturday, May 19, 2007

Forced to shop


I am still not totally gung ho about the whole weight loss thing like I was back in early April when I started on Jenny Craig. . . but I have been in less of a funk the past couple of days. I did get up this morning and take Sebastian for a 35-minute walk, and I've been making OK food choices. I feel less inclined to go totally overboard with food, too; probably because I am not as bummed out.

The house seems really quiet at the moment because Sebastian is at the groomer. (He was getting quite shaggy & smelling doggy.) It's strange how someone who doesn't talk can be such a good companion and how much I notice when he's not here.

I got a few errands done this morning after dropping off the dog. The pants I wore to work yesterday were literally falling down. It felt good to have that proof that I am losing some weight, but that means two pairs of pants are out of my work wardrobe rotation (I have the same style/size pants in another color, too). Last night I went through my clothes and discovered that I am still a little too fat for any of my size 14 pants: they fit, but tightly. I must have gone around in denial wearing ill-fitting clothes between size 14 and 18 because I have only one or two pairs of pants that fit my current size.

I stopped by Kohl's and bought three new pairs of work pants and a couple of cute spring blouses for work. Then I ran to the Walmart for miscellaneous stuff and bought a pair of jeans while I was there. (Same deal with jeans: I have a pair of size 18/20 that are now too big, and three pairs of size 14 that don't yet fit.)

I know it's not very womanly to say this, but I really hate to shop. Part of the reason, no doubt, is because I am so overweight; the selection in the plus-size section of most stores leaves much to be desired. (So many of the things look like something a grandma would wear.) Another reason I hate shopping is that I hate spending money on clothes. Also, I never seem to find exactly what I want. Unlike most women, I shop only when it is necessary. . . it is definitely NOT a recreational activity to me. If I were rich, even if I were thin & rich, I would have a personal shopper and never set foot in another clothing store.

The rest of the day will be pretty much more of the same. I'm reading a good book, and I hope I can exercise the self-discipline to get a few things done around the house. I was going to go to the post office today, too, but I am not in the mood to deal with the long line I am sure to find there. The things I have to mail to my mom & my sister can wait until some day this coming week.

I might even stop and pick up my wedding dress from the seamstress on my way to the groomer; I never picked it up once SL & I called off the wedding. The dress has been ready and waiting there since the end of March. At first, I just didn't want to deal with it--it was due to be picked up two days after we broke up. Later, I moved; between the chaos of the move and the fact that I know live quite far from the shop, I just haven't gotten around to doing anything about the dress. I might as well pick it up, though: it cost nearly $350, not to mention $225 for the alterations. I may try to resell it at a consignment shop or on ebay; worst case scenario, I will donate it to charity.

I'm going out to a few bars with some friends from work tonight. I hope it's fun. I haven't done the bar scene since law school. We'll see. :-)


Anonymous said...

I hit the same "Jenny Slump" about a month or so after it....take a week to yourself then you will be gung ho!~

This may shock you but I hate to shop too. I love clothes but ugh, hate going! If they could actually regulate all sizes to really be the same, I'd constantly shop on line!