Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clean eating


The weight above is a blip, caused by dehydration and not eating much yesterday due to having a migraine all afternoon. I have been trending around 222-223 of late. Ugh.

A while back, I read this book. At the time I thought "Wow, this would be really great to try." But I didn't try it.

Starting today, I am trying it. I started the day with one of the most filling breakfasts I have ever eaten:

I ate this breakfast nearly three hours ago and am still feeling full. The way I feel right now, I may never eat again. ;-)

Healthy, "clean" lunch and snacks are packed and ready to eat. I am skipping exercise today since I am still not 100% after migraines the past two days

We'll see how this goes. . . . .


JessiferSeabs said...

Oh, I always feel so much better when I eat clean... I need to get back into that. Thank you for the reminder. I eat greek yogurt almost every day and fully believe that it is a miracle food (the vodka I drank last night? the tacos I just had for lunch? Not so much!)