Monday, February 28, 2011



The number above is solid; I have seen it, or something just marginally higher, the past three mornings. It's a modest decrease, but I'll take it.

I am really liking this clean eating thing, and so far, I am not feeling deprived. I had lunch with my BFF Saturday and had sliced mango for dessert (instead of my usual choice of brownie a la mode). I was able to stick with my plan at dinner out that night despite MM's choice of the chocolate chunk pizzookie for dessert.

The one area which I haven't yet kicked into gear is exercise. Yesterday was literally the only day in over a week when I did not wake up with a headache or develop one within a few hours of waking up. Today I tried to power my way through without medication but had to give up the battle after about two hours for fear of my escalating headache.

I'm feeling motivated to re-start. I have more energy generally eating this way--which is interesting, because usually having headaches saps my energy--and I even checked out the gym in my work complex last Friday (thinking that the greater convenience might lead to my working out more regularly). But I just can't exercise when I have a headache. Doing anything which elevates my heart rate just makes my headaches worse, no matter what medication I've taken to control them.

Oh well; it is what it is. I am going to keep focusing on the eating piece until I get to a place where I can jump back into exercise. Maybe I will feel OK tomorrow and be able to go to the gym then.