Friday, February 12, 2010

You decide

220.6 (OMG, I really weigh 220)

A certain couple I know recently had a disagreement about a minor issue, but I want to get my readers' take on who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

"A" and "B" are a married couple. (I am purposely going to refrain from telling you the genders of either spouse to avoid gender bias.) Because A knew that B was only working four hours today and would not be going into work until 1:00 p.m., A asked B to take A's car to have its emissions testing done. The car needs to be tested by Monday, which is a federal holiday, which essentially means that the testing needs to get done this evening or sometime this weekend.

In the interest of not cutting into time they both wanted to spend together over the weekend, and knowing that the wait times at the emissions testing centers are the shortest on weekday mornings, B (grudgingly) agreed to switch cars with A for the day and take the car to the emissions testing center this morning before going to work. A and B left their cars respective keys out for each other on the kitchen table prior to going to bed last night.

This morning A left for work in B's car, as arranged. A had been at work less than an hour when B called to say that B had left B's wallet in B's car. B has no cash, no ATM card, and no ID, since they are all in B's wallet. B cannot write a check and cannot get cash at the bank without ID. Thus, B has no way to pay the $30 for emissions testing for A's car.

B believes that this is A's fault and that A should have noticed that B's wallet was in the car when A got in the car to drive to work. B is angry with A for inconveniencing B even further, because now B will have to take A's car to the emissions testing center this afternoon, when the wait times are bound to be longer than they would have been this morning.

A maintains that this is B's fault. B knew that A would be taking B's car for the day. It was therefore B's responsibility to ensure that anything B needed out of B's car was removed. A believes that this task could and should have been accomplished when the parties exchanged keys last night.

Thoughts? Who do you think is right?


MB said...

OMG!!! 220! CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome. I'm very close to that number and hope to see it next week.

Ahhhhh...I don't know if there is a right and wrong - it's just one of those SNAFUs that happen. I would suggest they take the car for the emissions test tomorrow and go for a nice lunch after.

Wyatt & Co. said...

B is wrong. This scenario is totally something that would happen at our house. A, I mean me, would be nice as possible (even though pissed) because B is still using his free time to take his wife's car in so she doesn't have to. So even though B would be at fault, A should just be cool about and try to difuse B. If they want to stay married that is.

Land family said...

The person who owns the wallet should know where it is. By leaving the keys on the table they gave the go ahead. I've been there too, and have been mad at my husband, in our case, for not noticing the booster seats in the back of the car when he drove off. Totally not his fault, but at the time I felt that he should have noticed. (We have to back up in our drive way to get out, thus I figured her should have SEEN them...seems stupid now).

Lisa said...

B should have taken the wallet out of the car before passing the keys off. A had no responsibility to notice what was left in the car or not. Besides, who leaves their wallet in the car anyway? I hope this was at least in a locked garage.

Flying Monkeys said...

I am B but I don't get super mad just annoyed and mostly at myself. When A takes my car, it's usually to go skiing which is not in town so no quick drop off can be arranged and I usually have errands to run that then can not be. I'm so used to it being there I don't think about it until I go into the garage and see my car missing. I know it's my responsibility, however, I would like it if A maybe double checked since he's aware of where I stash my wallet.