Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February's not off to a good start

On February 1, I had to leave work after only a couple of hours due to a worsening migraine. . . . and then deal with an additional "headache" trying to get my prescription migraine medicine that our insurance decided it will not pay for.

On February 2, I woke up with a red, painful right eye which grew worse through the day. By afternoon, I'd decided I needed to go to the eye doctor and was diagnosed with keratitis of the cornea. I'm glad I didn't follow my first inclination and just wait it out because it can lead to blindness if untreated. A $40 office visit and $40 worth of 4-times-a-day eye drops and I'm told the eye should improve soon. I can't wear my contact lenses for at least a week.

Today, February 3, I've woken up to gray skies with a slight headache, some lingering discomfort and redness in my eye, and a complete disinterest in going to work, where I have to spend the first three hours of my day attending a Webinar on Managing Law Practice Risk which is required by the firm's insurance carrier.

I am manning the "Woof Line" for Rescue a Golden this week and having difficulty even remembering to check the number once a day (no calls yet, though, thank goodness) and have been dealing with a non-working home phone that has required me to make two calls to the company which provides our phone service.

On top of all this, I started my period yesterday and have cramps.

Yeah, this month is not off to a good start. . . . .

(On a positive note, I did my second session of Pilates yesterday evening and went for a brisk 30-minute walk. Yea me!)


TUWABVB said...

Well, that was a HUGE positive at the end and you just sort of snuck it in there! We had our home phone service restored after TWO weeks of not working...such a long story, but GAH - I hate those people. I hope February turns around for you soon.

Land family said...

Holy crap what a week. I don't think I would budge out of my bed! The headaches and eye stuff alone makes me cringe. Well, things can only go up at this point!

Flying Monkeys said...

Yay! For the pilates and walks! Pilates is a b!tch.

How do you get that eye thing? I hope it clears up quickly.

Sorry about the migraines. I wish there was a good cure for them.

Any time my period shows up the moment is ruined.