Friday, January 08, 2010

Random musing


I noticed recently that the guy who was my "first" (and under less than ideal circumstances too long to go into here) is now on Fac.ebo.ok. Fac.ebo.ok actually suggested him as a "friend" for me--hardeeharhar--but I declined.

Though we are not "friends," he is apparently not bright enough to setup his profile so that stalkers like me who aren't on his Friends list can't see his photos and information. So I have been able to view photos of him, his wife, and his two children, among other things.

Would it be wrong of me to send him a message that reads as follows:

"I see that your daughter is 15 and will soon be 16. Pretty girl. I hope no guy does to her what you did to me at her age."

Yeah, I guess that would be a little mean. . . .


Flying Monkeys said...

But I would LMAO! Could you imagine the look on his face? HA!

Land family said...

I have a really $hitty ex that wanted to friend me on fb too. HA! Biggest. dickweed. ever. I also had the entertaining option of looking at all his pictures and stuff too, but I'm sure that was intentional on his part.

My ex has two girls too (little). And I have many of the same thoughts. I hope for their sake that he's a better father than I think. :(

JessiferSeabs said...

Mean!? who cares about mean. If I'm reading this correctly, he deserves a lot more than a somewhat testy email.

Staci said...

I know I may be in too serious of a mood (and I am not judging your thoughts) but a friend of mine had a similar experience.

She had a not so good "relationship" in high school with this guy who would force her to have sex.

Anywho... he was back in town for a reunion and she made a remark about how she sure hopes no guy treats his daughter like he treated her. 2 months later she heard the news that his daughter had actually been raped and beaten badly.

She knew it wasn't her fault but she had guilt feelings for even saying it, she feels like she jinked it so to speak. Even if the guy was a creep that did the same to her.

Again, sorry to sound so serious. This incidnet happend last October so it is still pretty fresh. Not even sure why I am sharing.