Thursday, January 21, 2010

14 months


I had the hardest time getting up this morning because the overcast weather made it dark outside so that it seemed much earlier than it actually was. I not-so-fondly remembered my days working 12-hour day shifts in the hospital when I had to get to work while it was still dark and leave in the dark as well a significant portion of the year. (Working 12-hour night shifts was no better.) Even the doggies were fooled.

I honestly don't know how people who live in parts of the country that get real winter weather all the time do it. (My MIL's cousin, who lives on a farm in North Dakota, says that they joke that the weather "keeps the riff-raff out.") I remember SL used to tell me how Anchorage would only get about four hours of daylight per day in the winter. I couldn't live like that!

We have been experiencing the most un-Phoenix-like weather this week! Rain has been in the forecast every day, and it has actually rained at least some portion of the past three days. Today I woke up to rain which has continued to fall at a steady pace. I suppose that this weather is typical for some parts of the world in January, but not in Phoenix! I actually like the rain--probably because it's a change and also because I find the sound of it falling soothing--so I am just making an observation, not a complaint.

I had the pleasure of meeting an on-line friend in real life this week. She is the second person I initially met through the internet and have now met in person. It was fun!

My weight continues to be up, and I continue to do essentially nothing about it. I bought some fruit and vegetables at the grocery store on Monday, and I have been eating them. Unfortunately, I have also been eating larger-than-necessary portions at meals and too much candy at work and not going to the gym. I worked out twice last week, and thus far zero times this week. I have no excuse, good or lame.

Work is status quo. Life is status quo. I continue to be in one of those periods where just getting through each day seems like sufficient work, so that the thought of tackling something else big, like a major home decluttering project or working out seems way too much to contemplate.

So I just go on living life. . . . spending time with my husband and my dogs, reading, chatting with friends on the phone. The usual.

Today's post title recognizes the fact that I will turn 40 years old 14 months from today. Yikes!


Land family said...

Did you know we get nearly the same amount of sunshine here in CO as you do in AZ? It hardly ever rains here...of course we get our precipitation in snow, and this year has been a doozy. But I joke that every time it rains we buy another umbrella because it's been so long I never know where the last one is! (I also have cluttering problems)

Flying Monkeys said...

The weather when we were there was very disappointing! I wanted warm.
I realized after we pulled away that I had a HUGE stain on the front of my shirt, perhaps you were distracted by the coffee all over my pants. : )
It was nice meeting you, I wish we had more time.