Wednesday, October 27, 2010


213.2 (official JC WI on Fri. 10/22--did not weigh since)

I did return to Jenny Craig last Friday, as planned. However, I really didn't re-start the plan until Monday. So we'll see if I lose any weight this week.

Life is hectic and crazy this week. It is my last week at my current job, and in typical fashion, I have left a bunch of must-do projects until the last minute. I am also going out of town for the weekend (MM and I are going to Disneyland, yea) and starting my new job on Monday.

So I haven't jumped back on the exercise wagon yet, but with all I have going on this week, I am being kind to myself.

Hope to report going great guns again soon!


Emily Canady said...

You know, just going back is very hard and an accomplishment. Plus, yeah, last week of work is huge, so be kind for sure. Also havea blast at Disneyland... fun fun!!! Kindness is definately key :)

MB said...

I wish I could bottle up the motivation and persistence I somehow finally found and send it to you. I'm not sure I ever would have been able to get to this point though if I didn't have the time off. Keep fighting the good fight and you'll get there, I just know it.