Monday, June 07, 2010


220.6 (Oh.My.God)

The number on the scale this morning is appalling to me. I am hoping that it is primarily a result of bad food choices yesterday and water retention associated with those bad food choices (which included orange chicken, a huge burrito, and In N Out burger). I have been in the 217-218 range of late, which is bad enough, but not over 220. Alarming.

I'm frustrated because I have a medical situation going on which is preventing me from exercising as much or as vigorously as I would like. I know from experience that any positive change in my eating habits will not result in weight loss for me unless I am also working out regularly at a moderate-to-high intensity. Because I know that diet alone will not help me lose weight, the fact that I can't exercise as hard or as often as I need to in order to lose weight means I have even less motivation to change my diet than usual. Ugh.

The one positive thing I have to report is that my headaches have decreased of late. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence--my headaches do seem to naturally ebb and flow--or a result of my following the tips in this book, which I read just before Memorial Day. I have cut a number of foods out of my diet which I used to eat regularly, based on the book's recommendations. (You can find the list of foods which the author names as potential migraine triggers here.)

I had previously eliminated alcohol, MSG, and cured meats from my diet, but I wasn't even aware that many of the foods listed in this book could trigger migraines. Raisins? Bananas? Who knew?

In addition to the migraines that I get on a fairly regular basis, I also usually have what I would describe as tension headaches nearly every day. . . . or at least 4-5 days a week. Over the past week, I have had four completely headache-free days, and I have only taken two doses of aspirin and one dose of extra-strength Tylenol in the past week plus. To people who don't suffer from chronic headaches, this may sound like no big deal, but for years I have regularly taken Advil and/or Excedrin at least 3-4 days a week, sometimes multiple doses a day, for my headaches. . . . in addition to taking Imitrex for moderate-to-severe migraines. So having used only three doses of any medication in nine days is huge for me.

Also, I quit my daily cup of coffee a little over two months ago, but I had not eliminated caffeine 100% from my diet. I still had an occasional soda or iced tea when I ate out--which I do frequently--and took Excedrin, which contains caffeine, for headaches. As of today I have been completely caffeine-free for nine days. I feel I am actually concentrating better than I did when I was drinking coffee every morning.

I am giving serious consideration to doing the hCG diet later this summer, when I am medically permitted to. (You can read about the exact diet I'm considering here.) I know a few people in real life, as well as a few online, who have lost 15-20 lbs in three weeks following this program and have kept it off after returning to regular eating. I could really use the jump-start to get back on track.

The two downsides I see are the cost ($600+) and the strictness of the eating plan. MM thinks it isn't worth the money if there is a chance I will regain the weight. . . . but isn't there always a chance of that, with any diet? I lost 35 lbs the "right" (healthful) way, using Weight Watchers in 2003, and I regained all that weight; today I weigh even more than I did when I started Weight Watchers (I was a little over 212 then).

I don't know. If I do the diet, I need to do it during three weeks when I have no travel or social obligations, so it's not even a possibility until later in the summer.

Aside from feeling stuck in regard to my weight and better in regard to my headaches, not much to report. Work is a combination of boredom and stress. I am way over-scheduled for this month but am looking forward to seeing my sister and nephew this coming weekend. With our second 110-degree day in a row, I have reached the time of year when I question my choice to live in Phoenix.


Flying Monkeys said...

I'm at my heaviest weight ever...even when I was pregnant. That is sad. Really sad.
I heard you eat well under 1000 calories a day on that diet. That does't sound healthy.
Good luck if you decide to do it though.
I'm weak, I need to give up so many foods and I can't. Good job!