Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I suck


  • Into week three "off the wagon." Wow, I think that's longer than I lasted on South Beach this go 'round.
  • Ate Mexican/Chinese fusion for dinner last night (delicious but NOT a healthy choice)
  • No exercise all week (I've even skipped a few dog walks)
  • Scale is, predictably, climbing
  • Unmotivated to change course
I suck. Why do I hate my body so much?


Mo said...

You don't suck. So you fell off the wagon. Big deal. Now get yer butt back on it.

Valerie said...

It's my fault--you were raring to go on our "challenge" and I sucked the wind out of our sails. I just joined WW on Wednesday--any interest?

Lisa said...

Crazy in the head has been working pretty good for me lately. I actually went for a RUN last night even!!!

Want some of my crazy? I have plenty to go around these days! ;)

Flying Monkeys said...

I'm not very kind to mine either.

You don't suck.