Monday, December 14, 2009

Lovely Monday


I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post. It was cathartic for me to get those thoughts down in writing. And talking with people who read it reminded me that, as bad as 2009 has been, it could have been a lot worse. I really do have more good than bad in my life, and I am fully aware of it. It's just that the bad has been so soul-sucking for a while that it's easy to lose sight of that fact.

I have written here at length about my current discontent (which does not stem from my marriage or any of the relationships in my life), and am not going to write any more about it today. It can most easily be summed up by saying that I am spending the majority of my time these days doing things I'd rather not do, or at least in a way I'd prefer not to do them, rather than spending my time doing things I want and achieving the goals I'd like to.

Anyway. . . . that's still where I'm at.

For reasons that are absolutely a mystery to me, I woke up feeling exhausted and with a headache this morning after 8 hours of sleep. I seem to wake up tired more days than not lately. {sigh}

Could I get a weekend do-over?

But despite my lack of verve, I have a lot of stuff to do. So I'd better get to it!