Monday, November 16, 2009

Not feelin' it


As anyone who is still reading has probably guessed from my lack of recent posts, I continue to not feel much like blogging. (I also still haven't written a single word for NaNoWriMo. One more broken promise to myself. . . ) Again, my lack of interest isn't due to being particularly busy or anything else I can pinpoint. It just is.

I am proud to note that, despite the fact that I have not been going to the gym more than once or twice a week for the past month, my weight continues to stay about the same. I was 213.0 on 11/4, and I was the same weight this morning. It would be nice to see the scale moving down, but given my effort of late--or lack thereof--I will take maintenance.

I really have made an effort to eat "cleaner" for the past several weeks. That is not to say that I have been 100%, or that I have in any way limited portion sizes, or that I am eating enough fruits and vegetables. I have done pretty well about eliminating (most) processed foods and sugar from my diet, though. Baby steps.

As usual, I feel better when I limited my "white" carbs and eat more lean protein. I feel especially good on the days when I get in at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. I waver between enthusiasm for eating right, which leads to better planning and results, and laziness, which inclines me to choose quicker, easier food options. (NOT fast food: just not the healthiest choice.)

I saw a TV show the other day that really inspired me to get back into weight lifting. Alas, the next two evenings I had commitments, and the next day that I had an opportunity to get to the gym and turn my inspiration into action, the moment had passed. ;-)

MM has had some recent changes in his job that have led to his working more in the evenings, and that has played a factor in my going to the gym less as well. Sad to "blame" my husband for this, but I admit that the fact that I know he is going to work out five days a week often motivates me to go to the gym also. When that is lacking, or when our schedules don't mesh, it's just one more excuse not to work out.

This week will be a busy one for me. I am slated to travel out of town for depositions tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. (Just to other cities in Arizona, nowhere exciting.) All that time in the car is going to make it less likely that I'll be going to the gym. Such is life.

I wish I could be an inspiration and a motivator, but lately I have a hard time even motivating and inspiring myself.


E said...

with our profession, i think it is especially difficult to get/stay motivated and inspired... with the more i have to do, the less i feel like exercising and making good food choices. for me, after being in the car for long periods during the day, i always want to just eat out or stop and get something to take home rather than cook and clean it up. i struggle with motivation, and i think one of the things that consistently keeps me motivated is the fact T and I work out together. we may not be side by side, but i know that if he goes for a run, and i'm riding the bike trainer, at least we are suffering together. (you touched on this in your post w/ M going to the gym five nights a week.) in addition, T doesn't have the food cravings i do, so he also helps keep me on track when i want bad food. if i'm being honest, one of the main reasons i do the triathlon stuff i so i can eat... anyway- this comment is a long way of saying i feel your pain. after stress and long days, it is a struggle for me to exercise and eat right too.

TUWABVB said...

I'm not inspired to do anything lately - write, take care of myself, read - it's just a general ickiness that I'm hoping will pass after Thanksgiving.