Wednesday, November 04, 2009



I seem disinclined to blog of late. I *have* been busy, but normally that would not stop me; I tend to find the time to do the things I enjoy, no matter how busy I am. (Sometimes to the detriment of things I *have* to do, like work. Ahem.)

I really don't know why I've not been in a blogging mood. I still haven't even finished the entry I started about our trip to DC at the end of September, and let's face it: probably no one will want to read it now 'cause it's old news!

I am fine. Life is good. I have had some fun times lately and have many more things I am looking forward to (visit with my dad in a few weeks; a trip to Albuquerque to see an old friend in January; hockey games and comedy club later this month).

I guess maybe this is a case of "no news is good news."

P.S. I signed up for National Novel Writing Month, the goal of which is to write a rough, first draft of a novel by writing a little bit each day for 30 days during November. (I also have a very clever kit which my sister gave me for my 38th birthday to aid me in writing a novel in 30 days.) Today is November 4, and I have yet to write a single word. I suck.


Flying Monkeys said...

Write your novel here. Can you do that and have it safe?

It's good to see you. : )

Kristi Marie said...

I want to hear about your D.C. trip!

TUWABVB said...

I'm totally with you - although I think my need is more of a computer break than a break from blogging. I need to be wireless for a while! :)