Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 2


I love how the scale goes down immediately after just one day of better eating. I also think I was retaining a bit of water yesterday: my rings and shoes fit tighter than usual. I chugged water yesterday like it was going out of style--as much to keep my hunger at bay as to rehydrate--and it seems to have had an effect; I am less puffy today.

BTW, I know that when one is trying to lose weight, daily weighing is usually discouraged. However, I am currently on medication for which I have been instructed to weigh myself every day and report a greater than 3-lb gain. So I will have to continue to weigh daily, and I am might as well record the weights here when I know them. I think I can do that without getting too bothered by the inevitable ups and downs.

My energy level has been great since yesterday morning, too. I am actually (gasp!) looking forward to going to the gym this evening (and giving some serious consideration to getting up early for a walk with the goldens on Wednesday morning, since I know I can't go to the gym that night). Hmmm.

In order to be at the maximum healthy BMI of 25, I would need to lose 65.6 lbs from this morning's weight. Thinking about this stresses me out, so I am only focused currently on getting under 200 lbs. Sad that this is my goal, but baby steps.

I was thinking this morning about my near-complete lack of self-discipline. Aside from work, which requires that I keep (roughly) the same hours each day, there are few things that I routinely do. Even my morning "routine" can vary from day to day. This is in sharp contrast to my husband, who is EXTREMELY routine-oriented. MM says that keeping to a routine is a source of stress relief for him; he likes the predictability.

Because the path to a healthy weight is a long one, I know that it would benefit me if I stuck to a routine. But each time I try, I fail.

Suggestions on how to remedy this problem are welcomed.


TUWABVB said...

Ugh - I'm full of stress today. Perhaps one of many reasons is a lack of routine - I think that makes a lot of sense. Today and tomorrow are just going to stink - so I'm hanging on until Thursday. Not a great way to live your life, huh? I'm glad you are feeling so awesome! I know I will feel better as soon as I can make it through the next 36 hours or so!

Anonymous said...

For a lot of people accountability is key to weight loss. By starting the group that you have you can be accountable to us. We are there to cheer you on when you have a good day and we're there help you when you're having a bad day.

There's gonna be bad days, no doubt about it but if we all stick together I think we'll be successful!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that scale thing crazy? I thought I had gained 8 pounds while my Dad was visiting but after one day of eating correctly, I lost 6. So uh yeah, keep on chugging along sister...I am right here with you.