Friday, February 13, 2009

Self-Love Day 2009

I'm posting this blog entry in honor of self-love day 2009. Here's how it works: I'm going to share something that I love about myself and ask anyone reading this blog entry to share something you love about me, too.

What do I love about me? I have to admit that I have a pretty healthy self-esteem, so while I realize that I'm far from perfect--hell, most of this blog is about my imperfections and struggles--I also don't find it hard to name something I love about myself.

I love that I am intelligent. No matter what career path one chooses, having a little bit more smarts than the next guy is always a plus. Over the (many) years I was a student, my native intelligence has allowed me to spend countless hours surfing the 'net, reading, and just generally chillin' while others studied. ;-)

In contrast to my entries for the past two self-love days, when I posted about qualities that I have cultivated in myself (self-awareness and being a good friend), the fact that I am intelligent is through no fault of my own. Nope, just a God-given gift. And boy am I fortunate.


Anonymous said...

I love how real you are. You just throw it out there. I mean hell, you put your weight up here almost every day! You are far more brave than I! :)

TUWABVB said...

I love your honesty and your ability to see the positive in most situations. Even when you seem to be completely down in the dumps about something, you have a sentence or two that makes me aware that you konw there is a silver lining. I always smile when I read your entries!