Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts on challenge format

I'm so excited that I've had FIVE people respond that they are interested in doing a weight loss and/or fitness challenge! I think this will definitey be a case of "the more the merrier."

While doing a little research on the best way to approach the challenge, I ran across this website: Is anyone familiar with it? Know anyone who's used it, good or bad?

And to my ladies who are "in" for the challenge. . . . what do you think about using this tool for the weight loss challenge portion? One cool feature I noticed about the site is that keeps your actual weight confidential and only reveals the amount you want to use. You all know that I am very open about my "number," but I realize that not everyone is.

Being relatively impoverished by vet bills currently, I wouldn't be thinking of investing much money in this: certainly no more than $10 apiece, if that!

My current thoughts about the challenge are to have a weight loss portion, a la Biggest Loser, comparing percentage lost each week with a designated weigh-in day for everyone in the group; a fitness portion, where I (or some other group member on a rotating basis) come up with a challenge which must be performed that week (like doing 2 miles on the treadmill and reporting back with a time); and perhaps a nutrition challenge as well (like trying a new/seldom-eaten vegetable or something).

I am totally open to suggestions. What do you all think? (Feel free to weigh in on the format of the challenge--pun intended--whether you want to participate in the challenge or not.)


Anonymous said...

I think those are fabulous ideas! Also, I'll be happy to post up recipes (courtesy of Thomas) that are healthy, "clean", and very nutritious!

Anonymous said...

Um, I mean delicious not nutritious. That was slightly redundant. LOL

texi said...

oh oh oh - me me me! i'm in!!

i like all of your ideas. i am in for any and all of it.

i'm going to go look at that website now.

(i guess i will post here under my gmail account!)

Flying Monkeys said...

Reminding you again...road trip next week=bad food and 0 exercise. After that I'm game.

TUWABVB said...

Good lord, there really is a website for everything - LOL! I think all of the ideas sound great - I'm in!

Anonymous said...

You can count Thomas in to play along as well!