Monday, June 11, 2007

16.8 down, only 57.8 to go!

217.8 (JC WI)

Tonight's weigh in was a good one. I lost the 3.8 lbs I "gained" last week, plus one more lb. In 9 weeks on Jenny Craig, I have lost a total of 16.8 lbs. Not too shabby. Particularly when I consider that I have only been fully compliant about 50% of that time.

We had some unusual weather here today. It was overcast and windy all day, then in the afternoon it rained a little. When I left work, it was only in the low 70's. Strange weather for us; 105 would be a normal daytime temperature for early June here. I'm by no means complaining!

I took advantage of the lovely evening weather to pick up dog poo, pull weeds, and then take Sebastian for a 45-minute walk on the nearby wash. The walk especially was lovely (& Sebastian was happy, of course).

Tomorrow evening I'm driving up to Phoenix after work because I have a job interview on Wednesday morning at 9. The interview is with a small private firm that does insurance defense and medical malpractice. The office is literally within walking distance of the apartment K & I lived in when we moved to Phoenix as travel nurses in January 2000, so I am quite familiar with the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

I'm hopeful about the interview--their job posting said they would prefer someone with a medical background, and they employ 3 nurse paralegals--but certainly need to find out some things about the firm, too. I had never heard of them prior to applying for this job online.

No trial for me again this week. The next trial I have set is on 7/10, and it's one I really hope I don't end up doing. . . because my case sucks! LOL Though I like being in trial, it's nice having some periods to get caught up in the office, too.

I'll be dog/housesitting for my friends K & J starting on Wednesday evening until next Tuesday. Her dog gets really freaked out if you take him out of his familiar environment, so it's easier for me to just stay over there, now that I live far enough away that is quite out-of-the-way to stop there on the way to and from work. I used to live with K in that house for 2 years before she married J, so I feel pretty comfortable there.

I had the last of my leftovers for dinner tonight! Turkey and my dad's oyster dressing--yum! Last night, I had green chile chicken enchiladas. . . nature's most perfect food. ;)