Monday, May 07, 2007

All dressed up and no place to go

222.2 (unofficial)

Today I was wondering--and not for the first time--why it is so easy and quick to gain weight and so slow and difficult to lose weight. Evolution & genetics, I guess. It sure stinks, though.

Looking back over the past six days as I start thinking about my weekly weigh-in tomorrow evening, I think I've had a fairly good week. I haven't gotten in quite as much exercise as the three previous weeks, and there have been a couple of times I have probably eaten a little bit more when dining out than I should've. Over all, though, I feel confident I will see a loss at tomorrow night's weigh-in. We'll see.

I was slated to start a two-week homicide trial tomorrow (second-chairing with a more experienced prosecutor in our office), but late this afternoon, the trial was delayed. The judge ruled in our favor on a novel question of law, then granted the defendant's attorneys' request to stay the proceedings so that they can appeal to the court of appeals on that issue.

I feel kind-of let down! All last week, I was working on a lot of stuff in my office, trying to clear all my pressing matters so that I could focus on this trial for the next two weeks. Now the case will not be proceeding to trial for at least another 3-4 months; it'll take that long at least for the appeals court to decide the issue. Ah well. One thing I can say about my job: there is never a shortage of work I can be doing.

An odd thought briefly crossed my mind when I realized the trial was going to be delayed for a few months: God willing, by the time this case goes forward, I will be wearing different suits than I'm wearing now because I will have gone down a dress size or two! :-)

I had a happy moment at work today. I am prosecuting two defendants as accomplices in auto theft case. It is clear to me that one of the defendants is more culpable than the other; unfortunately, I have more evidence (& therefore a stronger case) against the less culpable defendant. Because the worse defendant also has a long criminal history, I have been trying for months to get the other defendant to testify against him. (The two used to be girlfriend/boyfriend.)

Previously when I have approached defendant #2 through her attorney about testifying, she has declined, citing fear of the defendant and no incentive for her. . . though I offered to allow her to plead to a greatly reduced charge in exchange for her truthful testimony. This morning I got a call from defendant #2's attorney letting me know that she has decided now that she will testify against her (ex-)boyfriend!

I'm psyched because I know he is the real "player" in their scheme, though he has been careful to cover his tracks and lay blame on her. He is a "deserving defendant," and it is satisfying to know that now I'll be able to find out the real story behind this crime and present that to a jury at his trial. Just knowing the jurors got to hear all about his involvement will be satisfying, regardless of the verdict. . . . but obviously I am optimistic that her testimony will improve my case against him.

In addition to allowing me to get more stuff done in the office this week, the fact that the trial went away (for the moment) means that I will be less stressed in the evenings and able to go out to lunch, too. Today I had lunch with M, a co-worker with whom I am becoming friends, and that was fun; her husband is going to be out of town starting Thursday, so she suggested we hang out on Thursday or Friday night. Another friend, M from law school, suggested dinner one night this week, as his wife is away on a business trip. Other friends are planning an outing to a baseball game on Friday night, and Saturday I am going to visit my friend K about 100 miles away to go to a party a mutual friend is hosting. So it should be a social week.

I gotta love my best friend K. I was telling her last night on the phone about how I had set a new goal for myself to be more social, and to that end, had gone to happy hour on Friday and to that party on Saturday. It came up that I'd gone to happy hour straight from work, dressed down (casual Friday), with no makeup and hair pulled back in a low ponytail. She kindly pointed out that if I am hoping for men to notice and perhaps approach me, maybe giving a little more care to my appearance would further that cause. LOL I know she's right. It just makes me laugh because she has been trying to get me to wear makeup all the years we've known each other; this just gives her another incentive to offer me.

Not much else to tell. I am aiming for a picture-perfect Jenny Craig day tomorrow to finish off my good week.